Sunday, 27 March 2011

for my photography exam i chose the title 'multiple images' and i decided to do a joiner of my lovely boyfriend, much to his discontent (i dragged him through a muddy forest and made him sit on dewy grass) :P i really like it, even though a lot of them are over exposed. i also had to take some more pictures as the bottom part of the joiner looks a bit unfinished, but the new photos are a totally different colour to the other ones which is really annoying but i don't have time to take anymore so i'll have to go with it. it's unfinished in the picture but that's a rough idea of what i'm going to do.

so i got my first roll of film back from my yashica t4, i think that these is the best one out of what i got back, i think i used the wrong settings or something as a lot of them were reeeally grainy which wasn't nice and the colours weren't nice either so i hope it's just me and not the camera! i managed to find an online manual for it so i hope that'll help me a bit. i'm going on holiday next week for 11 days so and i have about 20 films ready to take with me so i'll have tons of photos when i get back but probably not enough money to get them developed at once, unless my mom is feeling generous. :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011


finally got my yashica t4 :D expect photos soon

Thursday, 10 March 2011


I feel bad for not posting on this blog more often, but I suppose I've been busy, lame excuse I know, and I don't really know what to post. I don't really know what's blog worthy and what isn't, I suppose having a Tumblr hasn't really helped either.
I'm looking into buying the Yashica T4/T5 that I've wanted since December, as I finally have funds, though Ebay seems to hate me as I place a bid and then someone outbids me by like £30 or something ridiculous. I really want to have one in time for when I go on holiday because I know I'll take really nice pictures with it and I can carry it anywhere and it's more discrete compared to a big slr.
I've been taking pictures, but not the kind that I like. It's been in the studio, which I thought I'd like but I really didn't. I guess I find it too constrained or something, I'd rather be in a more random location than just in a fixed space. I didn't use film either which I hated, so I feel bad because I probably won't use my dslr that much.
I don't suppose anyone reads this but I guess I like to write down my thoughts and stuff. I guess writing somewhere where no one will really see it is kind of nice.
I've been really happy recently and it's really nice.