Saturday, 8 January 2011


I watched 'Shooting The Hollywood Stars' earlier today, and I found it really interesting. Rankin was the presenter and he was trying to recreate various famous old-time Hollywood photographs. I was planning on posting them but I can't find them anywhere online unfortunately, but I'll post the originals because they're fantastic.

Greta Garbo

Marlene Dietrich (I couldn't find the actual one but this one's really nice)

Marlon Brando (Great after I've suddenly become obsessed with The Godfather)

Marilyn Monroe (They didn't remake any pictures of her but they did a feature on her and it was really interesting, apparently the photographer stayed with Marilyn for 6 weeks just taking pictures of her and the colours on this are amazing)

Charlie Chaplin

Rankin used medium format with a digital back on most of the photos he took so now I really want to invest in a medium format camera!


  1. I also saw the documentary and thought it was so interesting! when Rankin went to see the crossed out negatives of Marilyn Monroe I thought it was exciting to see the photographs that she didn't like. really enjoyed this!